Discontinued Products

Glass Lined Handy Jugs PRT-A10S/A13S/A16S/19S

This thermal carafe with stainless steel finish has an open/close lock button on the handle and a glass liner interior. Made in Japan.



Product number PRT-A10S PRT-A13S PRT-A16S PRT-A19S
Color Satin (S) Satin (S) Satin (S) Satin (S)
Capacity 34oz (1.0L) 45oz (1.3L) 54oz (1.6L) 64oz (1.9L)
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) W5.7 x D7.8 x H10.2 (inch)
W14.5 x D19.9 x H25.9 (cm)
W5.7 x D7.8 x H11.5 (inch)
W14.5 x D19.9 x H29.1 (cm)
W5.7 x D7.8 x H12.1 (inch)
W14.5 x D19.9 x H30.8 (cm)
W5.7 x D7.8 x H13.3 (inch)
W14.5 x D19.9 x H33.8 (cm)