Discontinued Products

Glass Lined Air Pump Dispensers PXQ-1901/2501

This stainless steel thermal carafes has a compact and spacious design and is light weight for daily use. It includes a take-apart stopper, open/close lever for one hand serving and a drip-free spout.



Product number PXQ-1901 PXQ-2501
Color Mirror (M) Mirror (M)
Capacity 1.9L (64oz) 2.5L (85oz)
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) W5.9 x D5.5 x H13.7 (inch)
W15.1 x D14.0 x H34.9 (cm)
W5.9 x D7.4 x H14.8 (inch)
W15.1 x D18.8 x H37.7 (cm)