Discontinued Products

Insulated Jars JHC-72UA/90UA

Large 40 cup and 50 cup capacity warmers for restaurants using large amounts of rice. Rice will be kept at the perfect temperature without changing color or drying out for up to 12 hours. Cleaning is also simple with a non-stick coated inner pot.



Product number JHC-72UA JHC-90UA
Color Stainless Black (XB) Stainless Black (XB)
Capacity 7.2L (40cups) 9.0L (50cups)
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) W18.9 x D15.6 x H13.4 (inch)
W48.1 x D39.5 x H34.1 (cm)
W18.9 x D15.6 x H15.9 (inch)
W48.1 x D39.5 x H40.6 (cm)

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