Discontinued Products

Specialty Thermal Food Holders for Commercial Use JFM-390P/570P

Non-electric 22 cup and 32 cup rice warmers will keep food warm through the retention of its own heat without using any electricity. The durable stainless steel body is easily stackable, making it perfect for catering or outdoor events.



Product number JFM-390P JFM-570P
Color Stainless (XS) Stainless (XS)
Capacity 3.9L (22cups) 5.7L (32cups)
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) W16.9 x D14.2 x H9.8 (inch)
W43.0 x D36.0 x H25.0 (cm)
W16.9 x D14.2 x H12.2 (inch)
W43.0 x D36.0 x H31.0 (cm)

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