Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Since its establishment in 1923, Tiger Corporation (“We” or the “Company”) has been delivering comfort and convenience to a variety of every day scenarios, through its provision of glass vacuum bottles, electronic jars, rice cookers, electric water heaters and other cooking appliances. In order to “spread joyous harmony throughout the world,” we will continue to protect and manage information-related assets, strengthen the security environment, improve the quality of information security, and contribute to society by continuing to grow and develop as “a company trusted by our customers.”

We hereby establish the following Information Security Policy and will make company-wide efforts to promote it.

1.Establishment of Internal Systems and Information Security Policy

We will establish an information security management system and a management system to prevent unauthorized access, loss, erroneous transmission, falsification and leakage of all information assets owned by the Company (“Information Assets”), and will continue to implement necessary measures to protect information, such as implementing strict security measures, thoroughly educating employees, and appropriately supervising subcontractors.

2.Responsibility of Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Top management take the leadership role in ensuring that Information Assets are managed appropriately through compliance with this Policy.

3.Compliance with Laws and Contractual Requirements

All employees shall comply with the local laws, regulations, codes and the security requirements under agreements with customers in connection with Information Assets used in business activities.

4.Employees’ Efforts

All employees shall comply with the Information Security Policy, receive necessary education and training to ensure that Information Assets are used appropriately, and implement information security measures appropriate for the Information Assets.

5.Responding to Violations and Incidents

We will establish a system for responding to violations of laws, regulations, codes and agreements with customers related to information security, and to information security incidents. In the event of violations or incidents, we will promptly deal with them to minimize damage, and take corrective and preventive measures.

Enacted: April 21, 2018

Tiger Corporation

President and Representative Director, Yoshisato Kikuchi