Stainless Steel Handy Jugs <Push Lever Type> PWL-B062

Stainless steel thermos bottles are easy to clean and keep cool.

SizeProduct numberSuggested retail price
0.6LPWL-B0624,400 yen (4,000 yen excluding tax)


Tough and clean stainless-steel vacuum bottle

Lightweight and durable stainless steel vacuum thermos bottles. Both hot and cold drinks keep their temperature for a long time.
The serenely beautiful and high-quality stainless-steel body is shock-resistant and practical as it can be wiped clean quickly with a cloth even if it gets dirty.

Compact design [Light, small, and unbreakable]

The lightweight and compact size convenient to carry allows the pot to be placed anywhere in a room.

The inner surface of the pot that resists stains and odors is always clean! Super Clean finishing

The smooth and lustrous Super Clean finish is given to the inner surface of the pot.
The treated inner surface resists stains and odors so that you can use the pot cleanly by just washing it briefly.

The main unit can be washed whole (do not wash the whole unit by soaking or in a dishwasher/dryer).


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    Stainless Steel Handy Jugs <Push Lever Type>

    • Stainless<XS>
Product number PWL-B062
Color Stainless<XS>
Capacity 0.6L
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 11.8×16.5×14.7(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 0.47kg
Producing Country China
Product numberPWL-B062
Heat Retention (10h)54℃ or more
Cold Retention (10h)12℃ or less