The four pledges of Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles

We believe in being health conscious, humanitarian, and eco-friendly.
In order to implement these ideas, we have committed to following these four pledges.


No conflict minerals

Tiger Corporation manages won’t use conflict minerals.
Tiger Corporation uses no raw materials that were made on the foundation of people’s suffering whatsoever.
*Conflict minerals: Tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo and nine surrounding countries.
(only those used to finance armed groups)


NO fluorine

Our all vacuum insulated bottles use a different technology
to achieve the same level of stain resistance without using
environmentally harmful fluorine coating. The coating does not
peel off, meaning that the bottles can be used for many years.


YES our own factories

In order to protect the health of our customers and ensure quality,
we manufacture around eight million vacuum insulated bottles(*)
at our own production facilities, even if doing so increases costs.* As of 2018


No plastic waste

Approximately 580 billion plastic bottles(*) are consumed
annually worldwide. The use of Tiger vacuum insulated bottles
contributes to reducing plastic waste.* As of 2021